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We know this state, inside and out.
Our expertise means we know how to work inside political and regulatory settings to engage stakeholders, work with leadership, and influence the narrative for meaningful community conversations.

By using both old (media relations) and new tools (digital and social media) we help our clients impact policy, amplify messages, and win campaigns. Our specialties in- clude coalition building, community engagement, and message development. What can Blueprint Alaska do for you?

Featured Work

Tips for communicating through crisis: Navigating tense times

Alaskans are in the middle of a big, messy debate right now. Tempers are flaring, emotions are running high, and public discourse has become testy. It’s tense with a capital “t”. This dynamic makes for a tough environment in which to communicate. When the state is embroiled in a heated discussion (and that’s using a […]

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It’s getting hot in here: Alaska communicators can drive cool-headed debate

By Michelle Egan, guest contributor When temperatures are breaking record highs and fires are burning across the state, people get irritable and yearn for ways to cool off.  The unbearable heat is not just outside—it’s in our homes and offices and workplaces. We’re facing critical decisions on the state budget and the Permanent Fund Dividend. We […]

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  • Kenai River Classic, August 21-23, Soldotna, AK
  • Alaska Chamber Fall Forum, October 28-30, 2019, Girdwood, AK
  • Resource Development Council of Alaska, Annual Resources Conference, November 20-21, Anchorage, AK