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We know this state, inside and out.
Our expertise means we know how to work inside political and regulatory settings to engage stakeholders, work with leadership, and influence the narrative for meaningful community conversations.

By using both old (media relations) and new tools (digital and social media) we help our clients impact policy, amplify messages, and win campaigns. Our specialties include coalition building, community engagement, and message development. What can Blueprint Alaska do for you?

Featured Work

How helpful is LinkedIn? Count the ways.

Boasting more than 706 million users over 200 countries and territories, LinkedIn is undoubtedly the world’s largest business-oriented network. Curating your LinkedIn profile in a way that showcases your professional and personal brand can lead to building your network, and even create new opportunities.

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What just happened? Takeaways from the August 18 Primary Election

Through a pandemic and unprecedented economic hardship, Alaska voters picked party nominees for November’s general election, setting up the clashes that will determine the shape of the state’s politics over the next two years, and beyond. Their choices make it crystal clear about what is on the electorate’s minds, and what the two parties share: Alaska […]

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