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We know this state, inside and out.
Our expertise means we know how to work inside political and regulatory settings to engage stakeholders, work with leadership, and influence the narrative for meaningful community conversations.

By using both old (media relations) and new tools (digital and social media) we help our clients impact policy, amplify messages, and win campaigns. Our specialties include coalition building, community engagement, and message development. What can Blueprint Alaska do for you?

Featured Work

5 easy steps to find a job or progress your career

Don’t wait to be laid off; take action now to be ready for your next job search  With much of the country’s economy still shut down, many Americans are nervous about losing a job in the near future. Rather than worrying about the job market — or spending your time wondering “how useful is LinkedIn […]

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Five reasons Dr. Zink is crushing it as a crisis communicator

I don’t know how Dr. Anne Zink, Alaska’s chief medical officer, ever goes back to a life of relative obscurity when this strange time comes to end. She’s quickly become a bona fide local celebrity, a calming, trusted presence at the governor’s nightly press conferences to update us on the state’s efforts to combat COVID-19. […]

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  • AOGA Annual Conference: May 28, 2020