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We know this state, inside and out.
Our expertise means we know how to work inside political and regulatory settings to engage stakeholders, work with leadership, and influence the narrative for meaningful community conversations.

By using both old (media relations) and new tools (digital and social media) we help our clients impact policy, amplify messages, and win campaigns. Our specialties include coalition building, community engagement, and message development. What can Blueprint Alaska do for you?

Featured Work

Civility is dead. We’re working to bring it back.

Anyone watching the Anchorage Assembly meetings lately has seen firsthand how civil discourse has gone out the window. While public officials have always been subjected to angry constituents, historically Assembly meetings didn’t degrade into a yelling match, complete with name-calling and slurs. Similarly, elected officials can be found saying appalling things from the safety of their social media accounts, […]

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Breaking down the difference between PR and publicity

I’ve worked in the public relations field for more than 20 years.  Despite helping clients in crisis, hosting more press conferences than I can count, and planning communications for the rollout of major statewide initiatives, I still meet people who refer to me as a “publicist.” I don’t take offense because few people outside the […]

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